The Ugly Christmas Sweater DIY of 2013

I’m a little absent-minded these days, but the least I could do is wish everyone a very Merry Christmas! To go along with the festive times, today I am featuring my ugly DIY sweater for the year!

Coincidentally, two weeks ago I had an Ugly Sweater contest sitewide at work AND a holiday party with the same theme to attend on the same Friday. I figured I should put some effort into finding a pretty darn good bad sweater.

Featured today is my own crafted sweater vest (EW!). I found this utterly tacky/kid-friendly vest at Goodwill with a Thanksgiving and fall theme. With 3 items from the dollar store, I added some festive cheer. Enjoy!

2013-12-12 21.18.57 2013-12-12 21.19.11

Figure 1a. and 1.b. Before front and back! I bought this thing because of the lonely floating head. Makes me laugh every time!

2013-12-12 21.19.36

Figure 2. Festive savior! A reindeer felt bag, a snowman felt bag, and a Christmas stocking.

2013-12-13 02.38.43

Figure 3. Final product!

Happy Holidays to all ❤


2 comments on “The Ugly Christmas Sweater DIY of 2013

  1. And so we decided to throw our very first Ugly Christmas party on December 14, 2008. They are all the rage now but at the time there was but a small group of dedicated Ugly Christmas-ers, typically of the frat boy variety, and so apparel was a lot easier to find and incredibly, incredibly cheap. Thrift shops were pretty much giving away ugly sweaters because no one was buying them ironically quite yet. Grandmas’ closets were still un-raided. They weren’t going for $50.00 on eBay. In 2008, they were still just collecting dust in someone’s attic. It was the perfect solution for our financial state – cheap, festive, fun! A unique way to mark the most important part of the holidays for us: sharing a drink and a dance with the people we care about the most.

    • Christal says:

      I totally enjoy Ugly Christmas parties because I can give some love to an abandoned, tacky sweater whose only purpose is to be festive hahaha. Besides, who doesn’t like to have a good laugh with friends? Thanks for your comment!

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