[1] About Me


Hi there! My name is Christal. Originally hailing from New York City, I recently received my undergrad degree in  Biology while attending school in Philadelphia! I am very interested in the broad field of science, though I take particular interest in human diseases and potential medicines & treatments. Currently, I have relocated to a mountainous part of Virginia where I work for a large pharmaceutical company.


Figure 1. Haha, get it? Christal next to a crystal? Image taken from the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History in Washington DC. 


Hopefully this blog will capture all the things I am interested in. This includes the many internships, school, volunteer, and job experiences that I have had so that I can provide a point of view for anyone else thinking of going into a science career! I really love to constantly learn new things and apply or share that knowledge with others.


Figure 2. Some of the many jobs I have been fortunate to have! From left to right: hospital volunteer in special maternity & ER, lab assistant, Natural Sci museum volunteer, student at Drexel U. And yes that is a Play-doh volcano!

Of course, science is not the only thing that captures my life’s attention. Besides being the happy & blooming scientist I am, I like to try new baking recipes, dive into arts & crafts and DIY projects (especially sewing ones!), and visit cool museums. I happen to also enjoy RPG video games and root for the NY Knicks (NBA). Not to mention I am lucky to have such great friends and family in my life ❤


Figure 3. A few recipes I found online and made from scratch! From left to right: Fried Oreos, Hershey-drop Oatmeal Hazelnut cookies, and Apple Pumpkin Strudel Bread. 

As you would have guessed, some of my de-stressing activities include blogging here to practice my writing and drawing silly doodles.


Figure 4. Images sketched in/on notebooks or relating to school. From left to right: 1) Cell diagram I drew on the back of my almost failed graded exam 2) Physics cartoon inspired by a midterm on Ground Hog Day, 3) Land Before Time cover for Vertebrates Form & Function class NB, 4) Example of “meme” from Evolution class, 5) Exams Week study notice on my room door.


The following sums me up pretty well:

Scientist by day, dino-tee donning cake-bearer by night, and crime fighter in a home made costume during the twilight hours (Spiderman is my favorite <3)! Then, when all said and done I party up in a Christal-original sewn dinosaur dress while dancing through one of the oldest natural science museums on this side of the US with my hot date, Mr. Triceratops.


Figure 5. Awwww yeeeaaaaaaa.

And if all else doesn’t make sense, just know I have a huge sense of humor that can sometimes be quite odd. Thanks for visiting!


6 comments on “[1] About Me

  1. Kathcake says:

    I LOVE your blog.

    I’m a med student, baker and yes – DIY is another hobby.

    Nice to blog-meet-you 🙂

  2. spencertucci says:

    Hi there,

    Dig the blog. Would love to chat more if possible. I don’t see contact info so would you mind emailing me at michael.spencer.tucci@gmail.com. Thanks!

  3. meganligeti says:

    BUH. You definitely won me over with the self-sewn dinosaur print dress next to the triceratops skull. AWESOME.

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