“When I watch my sports team play, they ALWAYS LOSE” Theory

FINALLY. The New York Knicks have finally defeated the Boston Celtics in Game 6 of the first round of NBA play offs. First time in 13 years that our darling Knicks have gone on to the second round. I have no idea how far they will go this year in the play offs, but I’m glad they were able to pull it through for at least this round. I was soooo convinced they would sweep the Celts in 4 games because the Knicks won Games 1-3 with relative ease (minus JR Smith being ejected).

Now, I have a stupid theory. I’m the worst sports fan in the world. I HATE watching my own team play. I will look at highlights or coverage of the game online, but not the actual game. While in school I did this because I didn’t have cable, but the real reason I avoid watching the Knicks play is because I think I’m bad luck for them. When I watch, they perform horribly. Coincidence? Perhaps.

Then, while sitting and waiting in the car dealership on Sunday, lo and behold, what was on the tv in the lobby? Game 4 of the Celts-Knicks game. I tried to ignore it while going through the specs for my potential new car, but my sister and I couldn’t help but gaze upon the tv. What I thought to be an easy victory for the Knicks ended into defeat.

So, I’ll go back to avoiding the tv when the Knicks are playing again for the rest of the play offs, thank you very much.


Figure. From ESPN Facebook. GOOOOO KNICKS!


NBA 2012 “Thank You” Big Heads Commercial

I have been pretty quiet about the NBA, which is surprising because the playoffs had been going on, and now we are in the Finals. However, it’s been a pretty hectic and abbreviated season, so it’s been hard to really post some thoughts when games were literally non-stop.

Recap though, it’s Heat vs. Thunder, and kids it’s time to go hard or go home! I’m praying OKC will take home the championship, but the much hated Miami team has been playing stellar ball.

While watching Game 4 last night, I saw the “big heads” commercial for this year. These commercials usually superimpose players heads onto videos to give it a bobble head effect. It’s quite funny. I liked this year’s BIG Thank You commercial for 2012. Enjoy!

Future of Sports Medicine – Orthokine Therapy?

I woke up earlier this week to the morning news that my parents usually tune in, and my brain of course picked up the word “centrifuge.” Not commonly said in everyday conversation, I ran to the tv to listen to what was going on, even before basic hygienic rituals (such as brushing my teeth & washing my face) and breakfast. Like the eager (future) biologist I am.

The newscasters’ resident doctor on the show, was explaining the “Orthokine therapy” that Yankees star Alex Rodriguez had decided to undergo. I don’t usually follow baseball, but while watching the basketball game between the Lakers & Knicks on Thursday night, I found out that apparently Lakers Kobe Bryant was the one who recommended the therapy to  A-rod.

According to Dr. Wehling, inventor of Orthokine therapy, joint diseases such as osteoarthritis are not only caused by the wearing down of the bones and cartilage. Interleukin-1 (IL-1) flags down other proteins to either fight a site of infection or damage, like any good and obedient immune system component would. However IL-1 also causes inflammation which may lead to the breakdown of cartilage and a lot of pain. The idea behind Orthokine therapy is to inject an “anti-IL-1” to counteract the harmful effects by displacing the IL-1.

Here is a great video of Dr. Wehling from ABC news that explains the procedure.


Of course this story is even more controversial because orthokine therapy is not approved by the FDA in the States, therefore Rodriguez had to go to Germany for the treatment.

This is not the first time an athlete has gone overseas in attempt to cure themselves of ailments using non-FDA approved procedures. Naomi (http://fromheretoforever.wordpress.com/) wrote and spoke about the Colt’s Peyton Manning and his use of stem cell surgery in attempts to remedy a neck injury. Again I don’t follow football either (though Naomi & my sister root loud enough to cover for my lack of NFL spirit), it makes me sad to see the better  Manning unable to do what he loves best.

Though on side note, I am really noticing a trend. Personal medicine is really what is the future of medicine from what I can tell. Biopharmaceuticals will be booming soon because people are interesting in using what people are literally made of as the source of treatments and cures. In the case of Orthokine therapy, we are extracting blood from a patient incubating it with special factors, spinning it down, and reinjecting it at a specified part in pain of that same patient. I guess thought process is, how can the body react badly if it comes from the same source?  It’s really both intimidating and fascinating.

(image taken from Orthokine therapy website listed below in sources as #2: Wehling-Hartmann.de…)


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  2. http://www.wehling-hartmann.de/en/information-for-patients/therapeutic-methods/orthokintherapie/

Santa Gave Me the NBA & a Dental Surgery

So, Christmas has come and gone oh so very fast. I am very blessed to have received so many great presents and love from my family & friends. I could write hundreds of posts on how much I love what I received this Christmas. More importantly, I had time to relax and catch up with the people I love. Heaven knows that all I do is work, study, and breath most days of the year.

However, there are two things that only Santa could give to me this Christmas.

  1. The NBA lock-out ended.
    The day after Thanksgiving, I saw this from the New York Post:

    Joy to the world! I will have an NBA season to watch this year! And what is better yet? We [the New York Knicks] nabbed Tyson Chandler from the previous champs, Dallas Mavericks. We haven’t had an amazing center since good ol’ Patrick Ewing, and now we have the 2nd best center in the NBA currently (right behind the Magic’s wonderful Dwight Howard of course). With Carmelo Anthony & Amare Stoudemire for the offensive and Chandler for the defensive, the Knicks look like they have a fighting chance for the Playoffs this year!

    Cutting out about 20 or so games this year, this NBA season will only have 66 games. The first round of games was today, on Christmas day. While I couldn’t watch the games properly or in their entirety because I was visiting relatives, I was able to peak in here and there at the score and watched the highlights later at night.

    Game 1: New York Knicks versus Boston Celtics
    Starting the season strong, the Knicks beat the Boston Celts by 2 points in a 106-104 game. I was really excited when I heard two of my most favorite teams to watch were playing against each other. I was sad to hear the Celtics Paul Pierce was injured, but Rondo really made up for his absence. Sadly, the Celtics looked a little less energetic playing this first game at the Garden. I was even more disappointed to see Kevin Garnett smack a Knicks player in the highlights >.< Aniket probs won’t be happy to see that. On a brighter note, Carmelo really brought holiday cheer like a true Santa to my family when he scored 37 points this game.

    Game 2: Dallas Mavericks versus Miami Heat
    It’s a re-match of last year’s NBA finals! Former champs Dallas Mavericks playing Miami Heat in the Dallas home court. Sadly, from what I saw it was a disaster for the Mavs. I couldn’t even watch the highlights. Dallas lost to Miami by 11 points 105-94, and it’s really depressing to say that I was relieved that the Mavericks caught up and lessened the Heat’s lead to only 11 points. Maybe Dallas misses Chandler?

    Game 3: Chicago Bulls versus LA Lakers
    I didn’t even watch this game at all. All I know are two very important things: 1) LA Lakers lost by 1 point; 2) my NBA crush Derrick Rose saves the day again for the Bulls ❤

  2. A (Virtually) Painless Wisdom Tooth Extraction

    I don’t want to jix it, but I got a top wisdom tooth yanked out last week on Wednesday (just in time for the holidays!) and it was pretty painless for the most part. The dental assistant applauded me because I wanted to get the procedure done just a few days before Christmas food and cheer, and he quickly tried to tease and scare me before the extraction started. He introduced me to my “torture chamber” aka the dental chair and asked me to “sign my life away” aka sign some surgical standard waivers. Luckily, the longest part was waiting for my dental surgeon. He literally shot in some Novocaine into my palate and gums, waited 10 minutes, stuck some metal thing in my mouth, and my tooth popped out in a matter of seconds. In fact, I gave the entire dental office a laugh because it was probably the easiest extraction in the history of forever.

    As soon as they threw in the gauze, I was even talking with the surgeon and assistant about this FedEx deliver guy who threw a computer monitor over a fence!

    While I only got one tooth taken out, versus the two or all four most people do, I was surprised how not bad the after math was. My cheek wasn’t even all chipmunk after the second day. I only got a few fleeting headaches, so basic Tylenol was my painkiller. I was able to eat regular food by the third day or so. And as long as my clot doesn’t dislodge, I believe I am low risk for dry socket (SO PARANOID OF THIS). Thank you Santa for not letting me suffer!

    And here is a funny comic my dear Megan (who got all four out in one sitting! What a trooper!) showed me which reminded me of both our wisdom teeth extractions over break!

Andie’s Stuffed Mushrooms

So this happens periodically when I suddenly have a surplus of thing I just need to blog about.

Tonight, Megan and I decided to make dinner together in efforts to make it a habit. We want to limit the amount of times we will order out this summer because of both health and monetary reasons.

While Megs prepped for our roasted veggies marinade for tomorrow’s dinner (she picked up from work at the OT’s clinic), I decided to try my hand at stuffed mushrooms. I followed this recipe: http://allrecipes.com/Recipe/Andies-Stuffed-Mushrooms/Detail.aspx?ms=1&prop25=60637850&prop26=DailyDish&prop27=2011-06-10&prop28=DailyRecipe&prop29=FullRecipe&me=1

I was actually forced to tweak this recipe to make due with what I had. I replaced ground beef with lean turkey meat, used toasted bread for soft bread crumbs, only added 1.75c sharp cheddar cheese, and sprinkled extra dry seasoned bread crumbs and shredded Parmesan cheese on top while they were cooking in the oven @ 400F. I also decided to season the cooked meat with my favorite pepper-paprika mix.

Not the most photogenic things in the world, but they were pretty tasty (especially since I can’t cook to save my life. Baking yes, cooking = usually no).

On the pan.

On the dinner plate with left over bell green peppers and fried eggplant Megan whipped up quick.

And enough for leftover’s for both me and Megsy’s lunch tomorrow!

So a step up from baking for me. Trying to make my way to make more savory dishes.

And on a final note, you’ve probably heard, but congrats on the Dallas Mavericks for winning the NBA Championship! I won’t get into why I’m glad Miami didn’t win their ring (not yet anyway) or which players’ personalities I like better. Simply put the better team won in this case. The effort of the Mavs was unstoppable in the end even though they were the underdogs. Beating both the LA Lakers in a sweep, and the Miami Heat in Game 6 of the Finals by 10 points, there is no doubt these guys deserve the win. Simply, congratulations!!! (P.S. I LOVE YOU DIRK & J. KIDD <3)

The Dallas Mavericks, NBA 2011 Finals Champs!!!


Super Summer Update

My goodness so much stuff has happened, I don’t even know where to start .___.

Well thing 1 you’ve probably seen if you are friends with me on Facebook is that the Drexel University College of Arts & Sciences Spring Gala “Party to Extinction” was held last Friday, June 3rd at the Academy of Natural Sciences. Coincidently, it is the same museum I volunteer at on Saturday mornings, and the Academy has recently accepted a donation and has become affiliated with our university.

The gala itself was cool, especially since it was the first time it was held. Dinosaur Hall is absolutely beautiful and interesting. The food was pretty good, and though I didn’t win raffle prizes or dance much, I had quite a bit of fun.

I was also fortunate enough to design and sew my own dress to match the dino theme! The original sketch actually had a bubble skirt, but as fate would have it, the poof didn’t look flattering so I opted to improvise with what I had left and made a double layer full circle skirt for the bottom half of the dress.


I was uberly happy that Naomi, Megan, and I were all able to attend. It was also awesome seeing Matt since I hadn’t seen him since our Physio II final (not to mention getting a ride home as well haha).

In other news, I’ve been tracking the NBA finals with Miami Heat & Dallas Mavericks. I’m hoping the Mavs take home the championship this year. Speaking of basketball, forgot to mention a belated birthday gift from Aniket I got back in late April.

It’s the comic teeshirt special that Marvel did. Spiderman is my absolute favorite! It’s my newest teeshirt that I am addicted to.

Aniket’s last weekend before leaving abroad for his coop just passed. We tagged team dinner & dessert. I made some simple yet classic recipe for chocolate chip cookies. I followed this link: http://allrecipes.com/Recipe/Best-Chocolate-Chip-Cookies/Detail.aspx I’ve also finally started tracking the recipes I use from AllRecipes.Com since I frequent their site so much.

We were also able to finally watch a few movies in theatres with friends recently.

First of all, Kung-Fu Panda 2 was superb. I honestly had my doubts that the sequel would be a pale comparison to it’s predecessor, but I was pleasantly surprised. The plot was a good spin off and fairly suspenseful, excellent character development, and the animation in one of the climaxes of the movie was fantastic. My favorite character was the villainous peacock. But holy crap, baby Po is ADORABLE.

Second one up is X-men First Class. Again, I was pleasantly surprised. I’m not a huge fan of the X-men movies, but I really liked the cartoons and sometimes took a gander at the comics when I encountered the right alternate universes. My favorite character in the movie was Magneto. In all honesty though, I really liked most if not all the characters chosen for the mutants in this cast. I thought their training montage was a bit cheesy, but liked how the movie wrapped up at the end (makes you wanna see more of the X-men story!)

Kristina did a bit of a movie review of X-men First Class here: http://kristinamirasol.net/2011/06/03/x-men-first-class/#comments

A pretty brief review of the past few days that have passed, but I’m sure more things will pop up for me to write about 🙂 Oh and p.s. tried fixing up the blog’s layout & images. I’m not too crazy about it, but I got sick of staring at the old one and wanted a science-centric look. Let me know what you think 🙂

Phil Jackson’s Final Game & NBA Playoffs Update

Well, this weekend was a super eventful weekend in the NBA! First and foremost, Sunday was the final game of the career of the coach of the LA Lakers: the one and only Phil Jackson.

Originally playing for the New York Knicks, this man has the most championships in any professional sport in America. Winning 11 rings as a headcoach, inducted into the Hall of Fame in 2007, and hitting the milestones of 200 and 1000 wins faster than any other coach in NBA history, his legacy cannot be described justly in words.

He’s lead the almighty Michael Jordan, Scotty Pippen, and the Chicago Bulls into a grand era with 6 championship rings. Not to mention set the record for best regular season wins 72-10 in 1995-1996.

He’s also lead Kobe Bryant and Shaq with the LA Lakers to victory 3 years in a row, took a break, and won the past 2 seasons. Jackson’s also credited for perfecting the Triangle offense play.

Sadly for the Jackson, the two-time defending champs could not stop the incredible force that is the Dallas Mavericks and lost the opportunity for another “three-peat” (3 consecutive championships).

For the first time ever in his coaching career, his team has been swept in 4 games and eliminated from the playoffs. You wouldn’t believe the amount of 3-pointers the Mavs sunk last night, their bench outscoring the Lakers’ final tally. It was a pretty disappointing game for LA losing 86-122.

And to top it off in the 4th quarter both Bynum and Odom were ejected for practically attacking Nowitzki and Barea. Really uncalled for and unsportsman-like, but I suppose the Lakers aren’t used to being killed in a game. Still, it just made it even more embarrassing of a game for their coach.

On a lighter note, the post game interviews were entertaining.

The Dallas Mavricks coach Rick Carlise joked that the Laker coach will probably pop out of retirement once more to coach again out of boredom, Jackson sounded firm on his leave of the professional game.

“This is, and all my hopes and aspirations are, that this is the final game that I’ll coach,” Jackson said. “This has been a wonderful run.”


In other news, Boston Celts extinguished the Miami Heat at home in the TD Garden on Saturday night. Anyone watching sports news has probably seen the gruesome footage of Rondo getting his left elbow dislocated. If not here it is!

But it didn’t stop him from re-popping it back in, and playing! All the commentators were in awe and expected him to be out for the rest of the playoff season, how much more the game!

Super happy, and expecting the lovely Celts to win again tonight.

Also, the 8th seed Memphis Grizzlies beat Oklahoma Thunder in an exciting overtime game Saturday afternoon. Last night D. Rose and the rest of the Chicago Bulls last night unable to keep up with the Atlanta Hawks so their series is now tied 2-2.

Really hoping the Bulls can pull i through to the next round to face the Celts ( if after they defeat the Heat) for an interesting East finals series (and because I love Derrick Rose. Look at the video they played on Mother’s Day with the new MVP & his mom!!!).

Author Note: This blog post was written on Monday, but wasn’t able to be posted until today Tuesday 5/10. Celtics lost to Heat last night.