Mighty Fast Crafting – The Instant Book

My family and I usually do a yearly giant gift exchange among the cousins. This year I received someone who likes both anime & music, so I wanted to give a mixed CD of songs inspired by one of my favorite animes along with whatever gift I bought. I didn’t want to just attach the CD to a card, so made him a card booklet to hold the CD. It’s sorta like a scrapbook, but much shorter and not as fancy (well the one I made wasn’t fancy at least).

Video tutorial I followed!

Now the video says that instant books can be made with only one sheet of paper. I needed to make my slightly bigger than the width that 1 piece of scrap paper would give me, so I taped 2 sheets together and followed the instructions in the video. Here are my results.

1) My “blue print” & tools in preparation.


2) Back of envelope I made & “seal” I cut from some scrap paper.

2 3

3) Cover of booklet


4) I’ll just show the last two pages because I want to show where the CD is stored.


The “wrapped gift” on top is actually a tab that you pull out to reveal a folder which contains the CD.


Sorry for my distracting black hoodie in this pic.

On a side note, this was a really cheap project that is still very thoughtful. I didn’t have to buy anything since I had paper lying around the house, 1 sheet of stickers, and basic craft supplies (glue, scissors, ruler, markers, ect.). Hope this inspires you guys for last minute/belated/future presents 🙂


Summer Shopping

I couldn’t think of a more creative title. But I bought a bunch of random stuff in the merry month of June 🙂

First up two pairs of Charlotte Russe. Not the best sale in the world (Buy 1 full price, get the second for $10) but I needed a pair of sturdy flats for work and I like the way the ones from Charlotte Russe feel and fit. Decided to get another to complete the promotion. My favorite is the simple tied metallic on the right, but mother insisted that the bejeweled black set were pretty.

Close up of black flats jewel front.

My mom also ran into Forever21 so we could buy a few necklaces for herself. I opted to control my insatiable shopping urges and pic up a set that included cute tweezers and a matching mirror for my traveling needs.

And since my mom also liked the original Franco Sarto sunglasses she gave me for Christmas, she decided to pick up another set from TJMaxx with a crazy snake case. I like the bright color of these shades though, even though I typically don’t wear sunglasses, I’ll have to attempt to wear this pretty thing.

While at TJMaxx for a cheap set of headphones. While they are not my dreams Senhessier quality of bass and sound, they are pretty cool looking and will satisfy my need for headphones fed music until I can find a good sale on large set Senhessier’s.



They are Grassroots headphones by iWave. Claimed to be “eco-friendly” I’m assuming because of the packaging. I like the clean look of the wood, but I plan to decorate it. The sound is decent,  and much preferred over the Sony earbuds that I have been using daily instead of limiting them to when I go to the gym.

And finally from Marshalls: An adorable checkbook cover for about $3 so that whenever I write my check for rent, I feel just that much less sad 🙂

My mom & I make an awesome shopping team XD ❤

The Great Gatsby Video Game for the NES

I wanted to quickly share with you all something Aniket found on Stumble recently.

That’s right, F. Scott Fitzgerald’s classic turned video game!

For those of you who have never read “The Great Gatsby,” besides being one of my most favorite pieces of American lit from high school, what I can tell you is that it takes place in the “Roaring” 1920’s. You follow the narrator Nick Carraway who moves to New York City. There he meets Tom and Daisy Buchanan, as well as Jay Gatsby himself. The book captures the perfect depiction of an extravagant life in New York City during the time period, using amazing descriptive images in text and  excellent prose.

As for the supposed NES video game available, it’s a ball of fun. Your typical pixelated adventure game, Super Mario-esque in gameplay and visually. I’m glad they kept the cover art for the start screen 🙂 Must have been difficult to pixelate all that detail!

Now I say supposed because there was a huge myth behind the Gatsby title. It was rumored to have been an unreleased Japanese game from the 1990’s named “Doki Doki Toshokan: Gatsby no Monogatari” that was found in a yard sale, according to its official website. The truth is that the game was created by a fluke when a developer named Charles Hoey was messing around on Photoshop. He later partnered up with Pete Smith to code and publish the game. The link went viral sometime in February 2011.

Definitely worth some time if you love the book or want some time to kill. Or perhaps better yet if you are a lazy high school student who SparkNotes has no effect on.

Link to game: http://greatgatsbygame.com/


Sources: StumbleUpon, Wiki, Kotaku, & the Atlantic Wire

Quick update from me. Started my internship it’s a rather blunt transition, but I’m trying to roll with the punches. I’m working for the biopharmecutical tech dept for GSK. Hopefully I will get safety trained soon to start lab work. I’ve got to read some dense science-y material as well as sit in on some intense corp. like meetings, so it’s all a new experience.

Also, in other news my internet connection sucks because we have moved out of the dorms into an apt. I like the new place of living, but I feel very disoriented because I’m not fully unpacked. Hoping that I feel settled soon.