Reaching for the Stars in the New Year

Happy New Year!

Ahhh 2014, a new year, a new chance to start fresh and time to make plans and let your ambition soar! New years resolutions always make me think of “reaching for the stars” because they are like the wishlist tasks for the year that people aspire to fulfill. It made me think of the galaxy craze that has swept consumers for the past year. I haven’t braved a purchase yet, until recently.

I bought these cute constellation tights from Threadless.  Also, I got this awesome Dr. Who inspired tee since I have been recently catching up on seasons with Ten. I was curious what all the hub bub was about with this Doctor fellow, and I must say it’s pretty funny and entertaining despite it’s cheesy nature. 


Figure 1a. Constellation tights from the Threadless website.


Figure 1b.  An action shot! And you can see my teeshirt 

Threadless tights “Dot to Dot:” [Link]
Threadless tee “Of All Space & Time:” [Link]

Next, here is this sweeeet dress I found on Amazon that I am dying to order.


Figure 2. Romwe “Mysterious Universe” dress.

Amazon dress: [Link]

Also, I would love to feature this somewhere in my apartment, but me thinks even my walls are getting to crowded. We shall see 🙂

There are tons of galaxy fashion tutorials online. If my list doesn’t inspire you, hopefully surfing Tumblr, Pinterest, and Etsy will do so!

Now what’s my resolutions for 2014? Here are a few:

  1. Get back to the gym grind and lose another 10lbs!
  2. Make plans to figure out how to obtain a Masters without being broke.
  3. Go through confidently with my dream to open an online shop without fear of rejection.
  4. Continue to find ways to improve and challenge myself 🙂

Hope you all have a great start to 2014!


Final Fantasy X Inspired Home Decor

This simple DIY project was inspired by Final Fantasy X’s Yuna Braska and her cool looking staff.


Figure. Yuna’s default staff in FFX.

When I posted the project on Facebook, I mentioned that I wanted something FF inspired without being too obvious for the entrance of my apartment (don’t want to scare away visitors too quickly).

2013-07-15 22.01.08

Figure. Key before paint job.

I found this cool, but plain key piece at my local Michael’s craft store on sale for about $10 (marked down from $35). Originally, I wanted to paint it like a keyblade from Kingdom Hearts. However, the top piece of the key reminded me of the sigils and temple symbols from Final Fantasy X.

I used acrylic paints, both basic and metallic colors, to mimic the design and color scheme of Yuna’s staff. I think it was quite successful and was finished in just one night. It was sealed with my new favorite craft savior: mod podge.

2013-07-29 14.22.12

Figure. Key after paint job!

I unintentionally have a slight travel theme going on in my living room (ironic because I haven’t traveled to many places compared to other people I know).  So, I was thinking of completing this entrance wall with a quote from “The Hobbit” along side this beautiful Middle Earth map poster that Naomi got for me. I’ll update later if I ever get around to doing that.

I hope you have enjoyed this and hope it provides some inspiration for more subtle video game home decors out there 🙂

DIY: Toilet Paper Roll Scrapbook

Do you want to create a scrapbook for someone, but short on time to decorate and populate a large one? Don’t want to dish out money for a small photo album? Feeling crafty because you have tons of toilet paper, towel paper, or gift wrapping cardboard tubes? Well I got the DIY for you!

I was trying to think of what to give my sister for our sisterly holiday, and then I realized “I wonder if she has any pictures of us when we were kids?” At first I wanted to initially scan some old photos and then put it in an album, but there was too much funny commentary in my head going on that I wanted to share.

All the supplies I needed were:

  • cardboard
  • cardstock
  • 6 toilet paper rolls, flattened (I actually cut up a long gift wrapping paper tube)
  • ribbons
  • scrapbook paper
  • stationary paper
  • old magazines (to cut out letters and decor)
  • stickers
  • glue (I ended up using rubber cement to paste my photos)
  • scissors
  • ruler
  • pencil
  • photos

Here is a nice and short tutorial to give you an idea of how to make one:

Here’s some photos of what I made:

2013-02-17 18.30.33

Figure 1. Cover of my mini scrapbook made with some extra stationary paper I had around the house, cardboard, and binded with a few ribbons.

2013-02-18 11.00.19

Figure 2. First page! Just an extremely simple layout: A photo and a little embellishment with scrapbook paper in the background.

2013-02-17 18.33.19

Figure 3. Back cover where I made a paper pocket to keep notes for my sis.

My TP mini scrapbook album is pretty simple, and I don’t have any cool tools like that double sided tape or cutting machine. However, it was a lot of fun trying out this hobby. You can YouTube for more beautiful and intricate albums, however below is one of my favorites, which is also very simple. It also shows you all the possible space you have for photo mounts on the pages and tabs that are kept within the flatten tubes.

I hope you enjoy this recycling project as much as I did!

Mighty Fast Crafting – The Instant Book

My family and I usually do a yearly giant gift exchange among the cousins. This year I received someone who likes both anime & music, so I wanted to give a mixed CD of songs inspired by one of my favorite animes along with whatever gift I bought. I didn’t want to just attach the CD to a card, so made him a card booklet to hold the CD. It’s sorta like a scrapbook, but much shorter and not as fancy (well the one I made wasn’t fancy at least).

Video tutorial I followed!

Now the video says that instant books can be made with only one sheet of paper. I needed to make my slightly bigger than the width that 1 piece of scrap paper would give me, so I taped 2 sheets together and followed the instructions in the video. Here are my results.

1) My “blue print” & tools in preparation.


2) Back of envelope I made & “seal” I cut from some scrap paper.

2 3

3) Cover of booklet


4) I’ll just show the last two pages because I want to show where the CD is stored.


The “wrapped gift” on top is actually a tab that you pull out to reveal a folder which contains the CD.


Sorry for my distracting black hoodie in this pic.

On a side note, this was a really cheap project that is still very thoughtful. I didn’t have to buy anything since I had paper lying around the house, 1 sheet of stickers, and basic craft supplies (glue, scissors, ruler, markers, ect.). Hope this inspires you guys for last minute/belated/future presents 🙂

Genetics Lecture

Wow, I haven’t been writing in quite a while. I have really nothing to update other than I think I underestimated how hectic this term was going to be. Also that I have an unnatural love for genetics problems. Punnett squares, chi squares, fly lab analysis… it’s kind of scary.I just really enjoy the satisfaction of working through complicated (sometimes unnecessarily confusing) problems which so happen to deal with inheritance.

Sometimes our prof doesn’t teach our class like a typical college class (lecture-style), but I enjoyed the creative break when she devoted Friday’s class to making REBOPS. I have no idea if these things were based on real animals, but the idea was to make a Rebop with a certain number of traits across 4 sets of autosomal chromosomes & 1 set of sex chromosome. Find a mate. The Rebops do the nasty. We use our chromosomes to simulate meiosis. A baby Rebop’s genomic set is born. We create the baby.

Naomi and I are Genetics “lab/hw” partners, so we got to share our Rebops. The dad’s name is Donny, and his daughter’s name is Dolly (named after the sheep clone). We got VERY attached to them emotionally (j/k).

Photo stolen from Naomi.

We even got to keep our science art projects. It was great! I felt like I was in grade school again! (I was one of those kids who loved science projects and fairs).

Life can be stressful, but it has it moments.

Super Summer Update

My goodness so much stuff has happened, I don’t even know where to start .___.

Well thing 1 you’ve probably seen if you are friends with me on Facebook is that the Drexel University College of Arts & Sciences Spring Gala “Party to Extinction” was held last Friday, June 3rd at the Academy of Natural Sciences. Coincidently, it is the same museum I volunteer at on Saturday mornings, and the Academy has recently accepted a donation and has become affiliated with our university.

The gala itself was cool, especially since it was the first time it was held. Dinosaur Hall is absolutely beautiful and interesting. The food was pretty good, and though I didn’t win raffle prizes or dance much, I had quite a bit of fun.

I was also fortunate enough to design and sew my own dress to match the dino theme! The original sketch actually had a bubble skirt, but as fate would have it, the poof didn’t look flattering so I opted to improvise with what I had left and made a double layer full circle skirt for the bottom half of the dress.


I was uberly happy that Naomi, Megan, and I were all able to attend. It was also awesome seeing Matt since I hadn’t seen him since our Physio II final (not to mention getting a ride home as well haha).

In other news, I’ve been tracking the NBA finals with Miami Heat & Dallas Mavericks. I’m hoping the Mavs take home the championship this year. Speaking of basketball, forgot to mention a belated birthday gift from Aniket I got back in late April.

It’s the comic teeshirt special that Marvel did. Spiderman is my absolute favorite! It’s my newest teeshirt that I am addicted to.

Aniket’s last weekend before leaving abroad for his coop just passed. We tagged team dinner & dessert. I made some simple yet classic recipe for chocolate chip cookies. I followed this link: I’ve also finally started tracking the recipes I use from AllRecipes.Com since I frequent their site so much.

We were also able to finally watch a few movies in theatres with friends recently.

First of all, Kung-Fu Panda 2 was superb. I honestly had my doubts that the sequel would be a pale comparison to it’s predecessor, but I was pleasantly surprised. The plot was a good spin off and fairly suspenseful, excellent character development, and the animation in one of the climaxes of the movie was fantastic. My favorite character was the villainous peacock. But holy crap, baby Po is ADORABLE.

Second one up is X-men First Class. Again, I was pleasantly surprised. I’m not a huge fan of the X-men movies, but I really liked the cartoons and sometimes took a gander at the comics when I encountered the right alternate universes. My favorite character in the movie was Magneto. In all honesty though, I really liked most if not all the characters chosen for the mutants in this cast. I thought their training montage was a bit cheesy, but liked how the movie wrapped up at the end (makes you wanna see more of the X-men story!)

Kristina did a bit of a movie review of X-men First Class here:

A pretty brief review of the past few days that have passed, but I’m sure more things will pop up for me to write about 🙂 Oh and p.s. tried fixing up the blog’s layout & images. I’m not too crazy about it, but I got sick of staring at the old one and wanted a science-centric look. Let me know what you think 🙂