“I Could Be the One” Video

I saw this video on my Facebook newsfeed. It’s called “I Could Be the One (Nicktim)” a Avicii vs Nicky Romero mix. It’s quite a catchy song. Now, what I can’t decide is whether I like the video or not. I like that it perfectly describes how life can become so mundane and routine if you let it. I’m not a fan of the ending, though it kinda fit the crazy and somewhat vulgar themes of the video haha.


Study Playlist: Ellie Goulding

I have no idea if I have hiding under a rock (which is entirely possible) with respect to mainstream music on the radio, but I’ve been hearing all summer Ellie Goulding songs! Which makes me very happy because she has some catchy tunes and a rather interesting voice. According to Wiki, she is actually a UK artist, which may be why she hasn’t been on American radio until these past couple of months.

My favorite song by hers is actually a dubstep remix. While I’m not a giant fan of the wub-wub music, I do like it sometimes. I heard this “Starry Eyed” JakwobRemix back in 2010 when I participated in my 2nd barrio at Drexel. The guys did a modern piece with this song, and I guess after a few practices I had grown a liking to it.

Another dubstep remix that features one of her songs is by Bass Nectar. I heard the original of “Lights” last summer in 2011, but it was not upbeat enough for my taste. So remix wins my favor.

And finally, I actually heard “Biggest Mistake” on GrooveShark while studying. It’s a bit more pop than I am used to, but it’s gets stuck in my head often.

Hope you enjoy, too!

Bonobo Concert in NYC

As of today, this blog post has been put on the back of the (bunsen) burner for a full month now. Shame on me.

On Friday before classes started up for the fall, September 16, Bonobo was playing in New York City! The concert is part of the ROCKS OFF Concert Cruise Series. Basically he played on a boat, and it was pretty cool.

Taking off at the Bedford-Stuyvesant area (in fact we passed by a Stuyvesant football game), the boat we were on was dubbed the “Queen of Hearts.” Boarding started at 7pm, so we made our way to NYC from Philly on the 3pm bus (which turned out to be a 3 hour ride of traffic haha). After celebrating our safe arrival in the Coldstone in Times Square, we took the 1 train uptown.

At first it was pretty cool, being on the boat and all, haveinga bar on board that I could finally order drinks from now that I’m over 21. But once the boat started moving, the sites were so pretty! I tried taking pictures, but alas my hands were shaky.

We rode right along the Hudson River, making our way past the Brooklyn Bridge and Statue of Liberty. There were a couple of times I think people were jamming so hard that the boat was about to tip over, but thank God it’s little putters kept puttering O.O

The DJ playing while we were waiting for Bonobo was pretty decent, but oh man everyone knew when our expected DJ started playing his iconic tunes. I got a short video of one of my favorite songs by him “Kiara.”


And here is a clearer version of Prelude+Kiara, so you can enjoy it as much as I do ❤



I wasn’t really expected to dance or enjoy myself too too much (after all, I was nervous because it was my first concert), but man I couldn’t help myself when I heard those beats! There was an amazing reggae/Bob Marley mix I need to find. It was so sick!

And of course there was your share of questionable substances, alcohol abuse, and heavily make-uped girls being all “sexy,” all of which I ran away from. But all in all I came out unscathed and had a great time. Of course, sadly the night had to end. Famished we made our way to a Five Guys burger place and stuffed our faces. The Megabus was for 1am, so of course it was a journey just getting back to Philly and home safetly.

Overall, I don’t think I will ever go to a concert outside of Philly without a place to crash, but it felt good to rebel once and experience a night concert.