The Ugly Christmas Sweater DIY of 2013

I’m a little absent-minded these days, but the least I could do is wish everyone a very Merry Christmas! To go along with the festive times, today I am featuring my ugly DIY sweater for the year!

Coincidentally, two weeks ago I had an Ugly Sweater contest sitewide at work AND a holiday party with the same theme to attend on the same Friday. I figured I should put some effort into finding a pretty darn good bad sweater.

Featured today is my own crafted sweater vest (EW!). I found this utterly tacky/kid-friendly vest at Goodwill with a Thanksgiving and fall theme. With 3 items from the dollar store, I added some festive cheer. Enjoy!

2013-12-12 21.18.57 2013-12-12 21.19.11

Figure 1a. and 1.b. Before front and back! I bought this thing because of the lonely floating head. Makes me laugh every time!

2013-12-12 21.19.36

Figure 2. Festive savior! A reindeer felt bag, a snowman felt bag, and a Christmas stocking.

2013-12-13 02.38.43

Figure 3. Final product!

Happy Holidays to all ❤


Mighty Fast Crafting – The Instant Book

My family and I usually do a yearly giant gift exchange among the cousins. This year I received someone who likes both anime & music, so I wanted to give a mixed CD of songs inspired by one of my favorite animes along with whatever gift I bought. I didn’t want to just attach the CD to a card, so made him a card booklet to hold the CD. It’s sorta like a scrapbook, but much shorter and not as fancy (well the one I made wasn’t fancy at least).

Video tutorial I followed!

Now the video says that instant books can be made with only one sheet of paper. I needed to make my slightly bigger than the width that 1 piece of scrap paper would give me, so I taped 2 sheets together and followed the instructions in the video. Here are my results.

1) My “blue print” & tools in preparation.


2) Back of envelope I made & “seal” I cut from some scrap paper.

2 3

3) Cover of booklet


4) I’ll just show the last two pages because I want to show where the CD is stored.


The “wrapped gift” on top is actually a tab that you pull out to reveal a folder which contains the CD.


Sorry for my distracting black hoodie in this pic.

On a side note, this was a really cheap project that is still very thoughtful. I didn’t have to buy anything since I had paper lying around the house, 1 sheet of stickers, and basic craft supplies (glue, scissors, ruler, markers, ect.). Hope this inspires you guys for last minute/belated/future presents 🙂

Thanksgiving Myth Debunked: Does Turkey Makes You Sleepy?

Happy Thanksgiving all! Quick post today!

I bid some of my friends a happy turkey day, and someone responded back “…eating lots of turkey and sleeping forever because of tryptophan!” It’s a common idea that turkey is what is responsible for sleepiness after Thanksgiving meals. But is it true?

(image source:

WebMD investigates this myth well.

L-tryptophan is an amino acid that our bodies need, but cannot produce. Therefore, we receive our necessary source of tryptophan through foods that we eat, such as high protein things like poultry and meat.

(image source:

As you would have guessed, tryptophan is a precursor to serotonin, which in simple terms is our “happy” chemical in the brain. It promotes good mood and relaxation.

(image source: tumblr)

However, it turns out that turkey doesn’t have an abnormal amount of tryptophan in it! That sleepiness that you are feeling is just a byproduct of overeating. So, your body goes into an energy overload trying to digest all that food. Also, holiday times mean extra stress and a need for a break and family time. What better way to relax than catch up on some well needed zzz’s!

(image source: SMBC Comics)

Happy Thanksgiving all!!!

Reference source:


I’ve been wanting to write this post since like Monday after my school obligations were officially over, but I suppose now is as good a time as ever. With Fall term grades out entirely as of yesterday, I can officially say that I have satisfyingly completed all my classes. Racking up a few A’s and not a grade below a B-, life academically is going pretty awesomely considering my “rough” term.

The classes as usual were challenging (it’s not a science party if I don’t have at least 2 major biology classes thrown together), but the commute from GSK was kind of tiring. Then trying to squeeze in hours at the lab for work study every week also got difficult especially after midterms. Not to mention I had to take 4 finals and write a final paper in about 5 days while being sick (I literally thought I was going to collapse after my first exam). But through and through I survived.

So, holiday break is upon me (and many other students will join me soon!). I have so many plans! Aka sleep, see family, see a few friends, eat, read some books and finish some video games I’ve been meaning to. Quarter system sucks. In the long run it probably has taught me great time management and how to handle very fast-paced, stressful situations well, but it also leaves no room for relaxation time. My one or maybe two days off is spent cleaning, doing laundry, grocery shopping, and chores. Hardly a party life, but well, that’s just not up my alley away 😛 Thank goodness for my friends in Philly; without them I think I would be even more of a work-a-holic (and without delicious Indian food, traveling sandwiches, cookie books, and a fixed DS for free).

So what can you expect for the upcoming weeks while I’m not in school session? A TON of blog posts I’ve been meaning to write. It’s ridiculous. I have  an electronic post-it on my computer listing them. That’s how bad it’s gotten. In fact, I saved images from Tumblr on my desktop to remember what I wanted to write in this post.

Hohoho. Love winter break. It’s like go time to hibernate. Trying not to be the ambitious person I am and postpone planning out my life for next term just a tad.