Mighty Fast Crafting – The Instant Book

My family and I usually do a yearly giant gift exchange among the cousins. This year I received someone who likes both anime & music, so I wanted to give a mixed CD of songs inspired by one of my favorite animes along with whatever gift I bought. I didn’t want to just attach the CD to a card, so made him a card booklet to hold the CD. It’s sorta like a scrapbook, but much shorter and not as fancy (well the one I made wasn’t fancy at least).

Video tutorial I followed!

Now the video says that instant books can be made with only one sheet of paper. I needed to make my slightly bigger than the width that 1 piece of scrap paper would give me, so I taped 2 sheets together and followed the instructions in the video. Here are my results.

1) My “blue print” & tools in preparation.


2) Back of envelope I made & “seal” I cut from some scrap paper.

2 3

3) Cover of booklet


4) I’ll just show the last two pages because I want to show where the CD is stored.


The “wrapped gift” on top is actually a tab that you pull out to reveal a folder which contains the CD.


Sorry for my distracting black hoodie in this pic.

On a side note, this was a really cheap project that is still very thoughtful. I didn’t have to buy anything since I had paper lying around the house, 1 sheet of stickers, and basic craft supplies (glue, scissors, ruler, markers, ect.). Hope this inspires you guys for last minute/belated/future presents 🙂


Last Day of My 2nd Coop Internship


Quick update as I am just unnaturally exhausted this week.

The day has finally come for me to end my second coop! I have to admit, I have a small sense of accomplishment finishing another 6 month internship, not just because of the valuable skills developed and awesome people I had the pleasure of working with, but also because reporting to work for 8.5 hours a day for practically 6 months straight, 5 days a week takes a lot of discipline. The 1-1.5 hr commute one way is just superbly tiring and repetitive after a while (especially with these storms that keep delaying and cancelling my trains >.<).

Now, you could argue that classes are much harder of a schedule to follow, in fact I find it rare that students on coop like going back to school. Between running to classes, homeworks, exams, and projects, the school term is always hectic. And I must admit, the school schedule I set up for myself each term is usually pretty rough.

Despite that, I am super excited for classes to start. I think I will be even more so excited once I recharge my batteries and takes a few days off from work and school, simply to vegetate.

As for coop, I will definitely miss it once class rolls around as well. Especially the job I have now. Luckily, they are temporarily keeping me for a month or so, but I will really miss observing the daily  office life and how my coworkers interact with each other and clients. I will probably be writing soon a whole reflection on my life as a coop with GSK, as squishing it with another blog entry wouldn’t do the experience justice.

Although from the short term and very superficial point of view, the most exciting thing about not having coop any more after tomorrow and not quite starting classes again is teeshirts. I MISS MY TEESHIRT & SNEAKERS WARDROBE.

That is all for now, for I am exhausted and need to pack.