Could the Beatles have sang “Scrambled Eggs” instead of “Yesterday”?

I was watching a compilation of some of Jimmy Fallon’s best moments on his night talk show. One of those moments was singing along with the one and only Paul McCartney of The Beatles! McCartney said that he had a tune for “Yesterday” before he had the lyrics to the song set. To remember the melody, he put in place the following:

Placeholder lyrics: “Scrambled eggs, oh baby how I love your legs…”

instead of how we know the song today:

Released song lyrics: “Yesterday, all my troubles seems so far away…”

I think it’s safe to assume that after the first line, the rest of the song was made as a joke for a musical skit. Regardless, I had a really good laugh.

“Yesterday” is one of my favorite Beatles songs. Whenever I hear it, I feel  pretty nostalgic and reflective. It might be hard to feel the same way after hearing the version from this skit haha.


Hate to Sound Hipster, but…

So I was sitting with my dad in the car listening to Z100 (which I rarely get to do now a days), and the song “Good Feeling” by Flo Rida pops onto the radio.



I was rocking out a bit, but I typically don’t like Flo Rida. Then, I realized “OMG I totally heard of this song before, but from somewhere else!” After shuffling through my mp3 player, I realized it was one of my favorite songs Aniket gave me from Pretty Lights (Usually associated with wubwubwub-ness of dubstep. Stop judging!). Here is the Pretty Lights version and their remix of their own song.




And then I saw some YouTube comments, and apparently the song was later also sampled and remixed in “Levels” by Avicii.



To which another commenter rebuttled that the use of the lyrics and tune was first used in the 1960’s by  Etta James in “Something’s Got A Hold On Me.”



The evolution of music! First sang by Etta in the 60’s, sampled by Pretty Lights, remixed by Avicii, ripped by Flo Rida, and probably used in even more songs from other artists!

And here I thought I was going to go all hipster on you and say “HAHA! I heard it first before it got too mainstream.” Wrong again 😛 Grandpas & grandmas, moms & pops all over the world have got me beat.

And this post would not be complete without a Disney hipster meme.