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Finding New Music in the Age of the Internet

As you have probably guessed by my last two posts, I have been swamped with school work so badly that I have had to use whimsical .gifs as blog posts. During that time, I have been on the hunt for new music since my own playlist has gotten old after hours upon hours of listening to it while I work.

While still a viable method, its more uncommon for hunting for new jams to be done while hanging out at the music store, a waiting for new releases or listening to the radio as your source of new music feed. Here’s some new methods if you haven’t heard yet.

1) Pandora Radio

Being in existence for over a decade, this method is far from new. However, you would be surprised how many people do not know about Pandora. It creates music radio stations based on your music preferences. This is done by the ability of the user to “like” or “dislike” songs. The site takes into account musical attributes of positively received songs, and uses this information to find music with similar components that you would most likely like based on this feedback. The opposite is done for songs that are “disliked.” You can also input your own similar artists or songs into Pandora to fuel the attributes that they should be looking for you.

Pandora holds the patent on the “Music Genome Project” (obviously a title spun off the Human Genome Project, hee-hee). Each song is characterized by 400 “genes” or characteristic of music. Some examples include background vocals, lead guitar, ect. Using this great amount of information, Pandora can attempt to recommend music cater to the user’s taste.


Read more about it here on Wiki:



2) 8 Tracks

A slightly newer method and founded in 2008, 8tracks brings back the magic and cuteness of mixed tapes. Users can create their own playlists and share them publicly. More importantly, their exploration gimmick is that you can search for playlists based on your mood or type of music you like. For example, if I woke up one morning and wanted happy music, I would click those items, and 8tracks would show me hits that match those moods. Similarly  if I was studying and for some awful reason I thought it was a good idea to listen to dubstep, 8tracks would also find me playlists with those elements.


Read more about it here on Wiki:


I really like Pandora and 8 tracks because I can put something on in the background without the same canned songs on the radio or my ipod and open myself to new music I didn’t know was available, without sacrificing my productivity and concentration on work.

“I Could Be the One” Video

I saw this video on my Facebook newsfeed. It’s called “I Could Be the One (Nicktim)” a Avicii vs Nicky Romero mix. It’s quite a catchy song. Now, what I can’t decide is whether I like the video or not. I like that it perfectly describes how life can become so mundane and routine if you let it. I’m not a fan of the ending, though it kinda fit the crazy and somewhat vulgar themes of the video haha.

Finals Week Destressers – Fall Term ’12 Edition

So this post is very belated, but as I tried to type before, I spilled a bit of coffee on my laptop and now its on the fritz. Luckily, my sister, bro-in-law, and I bought mom and dad a new laptop (they have never had one before), and thank goodness I can use it. I’m on break now, but busy as a bee. More on that in later updates though.

I’d like to write about some of the things that have kept me sane during finals and interviews while at school this term. Since blogging wasn’t an option, here’s what satisfied my need for break time.

  1. My Guilty Pleasure Music

    I have no idea if Jazz dance class has soften my ears to mainstream pop, but I am sorta embarrassed to say I have been blasting Ke$ha’s “Die Young” and T. Swift’s “I Knew You Were Trouble.” Shoot me, they are catchy as hell.

  2. This Chem-E Student’s Crazy Dancing
    To the T. Swift song I just mentioned! I can partially blame this dude with my weird music cravings, too, I suppose.

    Not convinced of how hilarious this guy is? Watch his moves to Cher Lloyd’s “Want U Back” (which was one of the songs we used in Jazz coincidentally).

    I have a strange sense of humor, but at least I know Naomi shares it with me. We were studying in the Science Building, DYING with laughter behind textbooks.
  3. Flash Game: Sushi Cat

    Let me preface this with I don’t really play video games as much anymore. It’s a sad fact. But I wanted something mindless to do in between studying. What better way than a flash game! I haven’t been to AddictingGames.com since Sophomore year, but BEHOLD they never fail me!


    This game is about a cat and his “wife” (which happens to be a stuffed animal). During this edition of the game, you are trying to eat as much sushi as  you can to get bigger and overcome obstacles to reunite with your lovely pink wifey.


    As Aniket kept making fun of me, I realized you can’t call this a “game” per say because all you do is control where to drop the cat. I could argue that there is some strategic physics involved, but really that’s stretching it. However, the unlockable cute outfits made me want to finish the game in its entirety. I can’t help my love for fat kittens!


    There are also 2 or 3  previous games of Sushi Cat, one of which you fight Bacon Dog to win you wife back. Yea, I got a little crazy.

    Link to game: http://www.addictinggames.com/puzzle-games/sushi-cat-2-the-great-purrade-game.jsp

Alright that’s it from me for now 🙂 Now that I’m break with a keyboard that works, hopefully I can get back to writing more.

Invigorating Study Jam: Kiara Sound Medik Remix

I’m not going to lie. I have had a bit of down time at work lately (in fact,yesterday was my last full day!), if you cannot tell by the sudden surge of posts. And, as coincidence, most of the stuff I have written lately is about music. I’ve been trying to write and re-write and re-re-re-write my resume to include my final coop. I don’t think I have been so tedious or so horribly hit with professional writer’s blocker ever. Anyway, I’ve been jamming to a lot of music to inspire me, hence all the music posts.

Anyways, the next song I’m writing about is a remix of Bonobo’s “Prelude + Kiara,” which as you may know, is my favorite song of all time. OF ALL TIME. While I still like the original better, this remix by Sound Medik is a nice change of pace and really wakes up the senses.

You can also download the song for free via these weblinks:


http://www.mediafire.com/?6w9vajie1j23a2z (Courtesy of VanCity Sounds)


Study Playlist: Gramatik

I first listened to Gramatik when Aniket introduced me to the album “Street Bangerz” in April this year. I wanted to listen to some of his songs before attending a concert at the Blockley, but we decided not to go since a 76ers versus Bulls game was happening the same night.

Since then, however, I have grown a fondness for non-lyrical music and songs with samples in it thanks to Aniket, who also introduced me to Bonobo and Pretty Lights (on the same label as Gramatik). I actually like the old-school hip-hop vibe that the songs have. It makes for great study music (which is when I listen to music most).

My favorite song that I have heard so far is “Victory” from volume 3 of the album set. It’s pretty epic. I love orchestrated pieces, and I think anything with strings almost always makes a song awesome. If I am walking somewhere or at the gym, I feel like such a boss when this pops on my Ipod. I feel like it should be featured in an NBA or Nike commercial, or something.

My second favorite song is “Boom Bap Reinstated.” This one is a bit more cheery and upbeat than the previous.

The following two songs have that old-school vibe I was talking about because of their sample choices. I really love how cool they sound! The first is “I’m Doing My Thang,” and the second is called “Hit that Jive.”

Finally, the calmest song out of my choice favorites is “Smooth While Raw.” I really like the mellow guitar in the song combined with the strong beat. It’s a bit on the jazzy side as well.

Study Playlist: Ellie Goulding

I have no idea if I have hiding under a rock (which is entirely possible) with respect to mainstream music on the radio, but I’ve been hearing all summer Ellie Goulding songs! Which makes me very happy because she has some catchy tunes and a rather interesting voice. According to Wiki, she is actually a UK artist, which may be why she hasn’t been on American radio until these past couple of months.

My favorite song by hers is actually a dubstep remix. While I’m not a giant fan of the wub-wub music, I do like it sometimes. I heard this “Starry Eyed” JakwobRemix back in 2010 when I participated in my 2nd barrio at Drexel. The guys did a modern piece with this song, and I guess after a few practices I had grown a liking to it.

Another dubstep remix that features one of her songs is by Bass Nectar. I heard the original of “Lights” last summer in 2011, but it was not upbeat enough for my taste. So remix wins my favor.

And finally, I actually heard “Biggest Mistake” on GrooveShark while studying. It’s a bit more pop than I am used to, but it’s gets stuck in my head often.

Hope you enjoy, too!