Reaching for the Stars in the New Year

Happy New Year!

Ahhh 2014, a new year, a new chance to start fresh and time to make plans and let your ambition soar! New years resolutions always make me think of “reaching for the stars” because they are like the wishlist tasks for the year that people aspire to fulfill. It made me think of the galaxy craze that has swept consumers for the past year. I haven’t braved a purchase yet, until recently.

I bought these cute constellation tights from Threadless.  Also, I got this awesome Dr. Who inspired tee since I have been recently catching up on seasons with Ten. I was curious what all the hub bub was about with this Doctor fellow, and I must say it’s pretty funny and entertaining despite it’s cheesy nature. 


Figure 1a. Constellation tights from the Threadless website.


Figure 1b.  An action shot! And you can see my teeshirt 

Threadless tights “Dot to Dot:” [Link]
Threadless tee “Of All Space & Time:” [Link]

Next, here is this sweeeet dress I found on Amazon that I am dying to order.


Figure 2. Romwe “Mysterious Universe” dress.

Amazon dress: [Link]

Also, I would love to feature this somewhere in my apartment, but me thinks even my walls are getting to crowded. We shall see 🙂

There are tons of galaxy fashion tutorials online. If my list doesn’t inspire you, hopefully surfing Tumblr, Pinterest, and Etsy will do so!

Now what’s my resolutions for 2014? Here are a few:

  1. Get back to the gym grind and lose another 10lbs!
  2. Make plans to figure out how to obtain a Masters without being broke.
  3. Go through confidently with my dream to open an online shop without fear of rejection.
  4. Continue to find ways to improve and challenge myself 🙂

Hope you all have a great start to 2014!


What Are You Doing New Years Eve?

As for myself, I will be watching the clock countdown to 2012 with my family 🙂 Nothing fancy or special, but I just really happy to be near people I love, even if I cannot be with everyone I care about all at once. I am super excited for the New Year! I truly love new beginnings! And as I get older, I realize that time really zooms by. So I really want to try to make an effort this year to make sure I enjoy every second I’m alive and seize the day (while still getting my bio degree in one piece)!

A cutie little video of Zoey Deschanel & Joseph Gordon-Levitt on ukelele & guitar singing “What Are You Doing New Years Eve?” Naomi and I literally stumbled upon and messaged each other this link simultaneously.


Happy New Year everyone! Good bye 2011, it’s been swell. Hello darling 2012, let’s bring in the fantastic times and challenging times which make us who we are!