How Social Media Creates Loneliness

I haven’t updated in a while, but I found this, ironically, via Facebook today. It goes through how social media can help us feel connected yet make us vulnerable to feeling alone.


Dove Real Beauty Sketches

A Forensic artist sketches women based on how women view themselves versus how other people see them. A really interesting social experiment that says a lot about how we perceive our own body image.

My reaction?


All da feels.

Thanks to Megan for the vid.

Drexel U: Improv Everywhere’s MP3 Experiment Tour

Earlier this month, I got a Facebook invite by school’s activity board for an event called “Improv Everywhere MP3 Experiment.” Immediately, I knew I had to tell Megan, she was a huge fan of the group. Intrigued? The article quotes her here in the Philadelphia Inquirer. I’m said friend in the article haha.

Improv Everywhere is a improv group from New York. They so happened to have their first social event in Philly at Drexel University. Participants were asked a few things.

Participant To Do List:

1) Wear a Red, Blue, Green, or Yellow Shirt
2) Bring an deflated balloon
3) Sync watch to master watch on website
4) Download an mp3 file

At a specified public location at exactly 5pm, all participants had to play the mp3. It starts off with music, then you realize that an ominous voice in sky named “Steve” was going to give directions to all the participants for the duration of the 45minute mp3. Oh, and Steve’s brother, “Mark” was the DJ for the event.

The things they asked us to do were pretty crazy. I mean imagine walking around your campus, and a group of 50 some people wearing only primary colors doing the same actions at the same time were surrounding you. Would it freak you out?

Some examples:

  • Taking a nap on the grass spontaneously
  • Following you around in a single file
  • High fiving
  • Intense thumb wars
  • Dancing the same dance to NO external music
  • Human twister
  • Freeze tag
  • Square dancing
  • Epic Balloon Battling
  • Epic Balloon Battling deaths
  • Slow-motion victory dancing/hugs
  • And more!

Really, the list could go on. If I wasn’t with Naomi or Megan, I probably wouldn’t have done it.

The reporter who interviewed Megan said that it was the most overly exaggerated and silly thing he had ever seen done. Looking back at the video, I totally agree. Things do seem a lot sillier when you realize not everyone can hear Steve in the magical mp3. You can actually see me in one of the balloon still shots wearing a green shirt and blowing a tiny yellow balloon.

Happy November 11, 2011, (11.11.11!) Here is are the butterscotch white chocolate oatmeal cookies I made today!