How to Eat Wings Like a “Lady”

I have recently joined a dodgeball league with a few coworkers. After our first game, we went to a local bar for some super delish wings (just 0.39 cents per wing!).

Ironically, I randomly found this funny video by soon after. I think it’s one of those videos you cannot take seriously. And it might be a tad bit suggestive in the beginning.  Obviously, it’s pretty sexist to say that only ladies should eat this non-messy way.

Anyways, while this might be an ….interesting way to eat wings, no thank you! I think that making a mess is just part of the territory when consuming wings.  No guts, no glory! Besides, how can you call them finger licking good then???

Plus, when I’m done with wings, you will know it! I clean it right to the bone! No sauce left behind in the aftermath. I personally think that the messier you get into it, the more satisfying the meal is. Just remember to clean up after, you cave man.

So, say what you want, but I will always love food 🙂 But are you surprised? I freaking wrote  about a Chipotle Burrito Dating Rule.


Figure. via Tumblr!

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